Texas Car Accident

Paying for My Treatment

Texas Car Accident

Paying for My Treatment

Under normal circumstances, your healthcare expenses are either paid through your health insurance or out of pocket. But when you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s always a good idea to work through a law firm that specializes in personal injury and/or vehicle accidents so you can handle payment with a Letter of Protection. This is an agreement between your legal representation and the law firm that medical expenses will be paid for out of your car accident settlement.


A Letter of Protection (LOP) is standard operating procedure for most personal injury firms who are helping car accident victims get compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies don’t WANT you to work with a law firm; they would rather deal directly with you so they can pressure you into accepting a payout that is severely undervalued, or just not offer one at all. But here’s why paying with an LOP is a good idea:


1. You don’t have to pay for your treatment out of pocket or with your own health insurance (and its all-too-expensive deductibles).

2. Most Doctors working with an LOP agree that they will only get paid through the car accident settlement. And if there’s no settlement, then you’re not responsible for the cost of your treatment. (However, in these instances, doctors will generally explore policies on your own car insurance or health insurance to receive payment that way.)

3. Most Doctors working with a LOP will charge the full price of what the reasonable and necessary medical treatment in your case costs. Charging full price typically will increase the value of your car accident settlement, whereas health insurance companies work out reductions ahead of time that can devalue your settlement.

4. Most Doctors working with a LOP agree ahead of time with the Law Firm that they will reduce their bills if necessary. This is an important point of compromise for the doctor and your legal team, since sometimes you simply can’t extract the full potential value of your case from the insurance company. If the best payout number is less than expected, there’s still opportunity to salvage the case for everyone involved.


Do you or did you experience any physical pain in any way from this accident?

Did the other driver admit fault or were they placed at fault by law enforcement or insurance company?

Does the at-fault driver in the accident have auto insurance?

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