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What Type of Treatment Should I Receive for My Car Accident Injuries?

There are two things to consider when getting treatment for a car accident:

1. You want to make sure you get the proper care you need for your injuries.

2. You want to make sure you are getting treatment that is considered reasonable and necessary by Texas Law so that it will be covered by the insurance company.

There are doctors who specialize in car accident injuries and regularly treat car accident victims, allowing you to receive the best possible treatment while also being confident that you're receiving care that is both admissible and properly documented for negotiations with the insurance company.

Emergency Room Care

Emergency room type care can occur at a hospital or urgent care facility. Unless you are seriously injured, emergency room doctors will generally provide minimal treatment-- a basic consultation, radiology, and a prescription for pain and/or inflammation are the most common.

Once completed, ER Doctors will recommend that you follow up with your primary care doctor or a car accident doctor, such as a chiropractor or physical therapist. It’s important to keep in mind that most ER doctors are not familiar with the proper documentation of medical records necessary for car accident insurance purposes, so following up with a doctor who is specialized in treating car accident injuries is always a good idea.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors who regularly treat car accident injuries can administer a full physical evaluation to determine what injuries and pain levels you sustained in the car accident. Typically, an evaluation will consist of a full report of injury complaints, mechanism of injury, medical history, and numerous chiropractic tests. There are also some functional assessments that may be necessary based on your description of your discomfort. Your chiropractor may also want to do some initial diagnostic testing.

After the evaluation, the chiropractor will be able to prescribe a plan of treatment and can also make any necessary referrals to other doctors and/or diagnostic facilities. There are a series of treatments for common car accident injuries. Click Show More to see common types of treatments.

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MD Treatment

Treatment from an MD (Medical Doctor) is a commonly referred course of action from a chiropractor or car accident injury specialist. Although most people want to be referred to their Primary Care Physician (PCP), it’s important to understand that your PCP is more than likely not skilled in the same specific areas as an MD who is experienced with car accident injuries.

PCP care may be reasonable to a degree, but an MD specializing in car accident injury will likely be able to prescribe more targeted and effective treatment and rehabilitation—and having that kind of experience backing your medical documentation can be vital in securing the full value of your payout from the insurance company. Medical Doctors can prescribe specific medications such as inflammatory and pain medications that can help reduce swelling and minimize pain levels. In addition, this is a great co-injury management approach as decreased swelling and pain help with chiropractic care. Click Show More to see common types of MD treatment.

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Diagnostic Treatment

Diagnostic testing refers to internal imaging (x-rays or MRIs) that is done to determine the severity of your injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident, this kind of testing is extremely common. Typically, X-rays are done immediately to determine as quickly as possible if you’ve sustained any broken bones or fractures. Beyond that, MRIs will generally be done to check soft tissue damage if you have not experienced enough pain relief from chiropractic care.

MRIs can identify herniations, tears, ruptured discs, protrusions, bulges, nerve damage, spinal stenosis and more. This type of treatment is very important in fully determining all possible injuries you may have from the accident, and it will be a main factor in determining your future treatment. Your goal is to get back to full health, and whatever is necessary to make that happen should be pursued and documented for your claim with the insurance company. Click Show More to see common types of MRI scans.

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Pain Management

If you’re experiencing consistent pain after your Texas car accident, a consultation with a pain management doctor could be well worth your time. Pain management doctors can evaluate the causes of your specific pain and make necessary referrals for your symptoms. If the findings of your pain evaluation are significant enough, it’s common for pain management doctors to administer injections to help with pain. Outside surgery centers can assist with these procedures as well.

If you have broken bones or significant injury findings from MRI scans, you can obviously receive much more extensive treatment. However, a pain management doctor can be a great place to start for victims to start their road to recovery with post-accident aches and pains that need targeted treatment solutions. Click Show More to see common types of pain management treatment.

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Orthopedic Treatment

It’s common for car accident victims to have at least one visit with an orthopedic doctor or pain management doctor. However, if there are significant MRI findings, pain levels and/or broken bones, car accident victims can receive much more extensive treatment. Orthopedic doctors are often the perfect answer if you are suffering from an injury that requires such treatment.

Typically, orthopedic doctors will evaluate the patient to determine why he or she has pain, make any necessary referrals and/ or provide extensive Orthopedic treatment. Orthopedic doctors specialize in the musculoskeletal system: bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In addition, like pain management doctors, orthopedic doctors can also administer injections. Orthopedic doctors can also perform surgery for any necessary injuries sustained in your Texas car accident. Click Show More to see common types of orthopedic treatment.

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What Other Kinds of Treatment Should I Receive?

There’s no comprehensive list that covers every post-accident issue you may have that requires professional attention or help. Everyone is affected by their accident in unique ways, and your specific treatment plan may include things you would never associate with a car accident-- but need to be addressed all the same. You get one body and one life… let us help you take care of it and receive all the compensation you’re entitled to.

Additional providers and treatment that might be necessary after your accident:

  • Massage Therapist for additional pain relief
  • Neurologist for any head trauma such as a TBI or concussion
  • Dentist for any teeth chipped, mouth damage, etc
  • Psychologist or Psychiatrist for severe mental trauma
  • Anesthesiologists (typically seen during surgical procedure treatment)


Do you or did you experience any physical pain in any way from this accident?

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