Texas Car Accident


We don't think you have a case

Based on the answers you provided in this survey, we don't think you have a path to compensation. It only takes one or two factors to make your case not worth pursuing legally, and if your answers are correct, there isn't a road to receiving a settlement from an insurance company.

Here are some reasons you may not have a case. If you think you may have answered some of the survey questions incorrectly, we encourage you to take it again!

• You were at fault for the accident
• You were not at fault for the accident, but the insurance company is blaming you and there is no way to prove otherwise
• You were not at fault for the accident, but the other driver has no insurance and you don’t have protection on your policy against uninsured drivers
• You do not have any injuries and there is no injury claim to pursue
• You were injured but you have not received any treatment and too much time has passed
• You were injured but you used minimal and/or poorly documented treatment and too much time has passed
• You have injuries but the treatment you've received is inconsistent with those injuries
• Your case is passed the statute of limitations (older than two years)
• You have already filed a law suit and the firm is not interested in getting involved so late in the case
• You are already negotiating a settlement and the law firm does not believe they can make a big enough difference
• Your bills are too low to pursue compensation or you've finished with treatment completely

Let's Talk About

The Process:


1. Liability

You need to know who was at fault. If the other driver is majority-responsible for the accident, we need to get that in writing.


2. Injuries

Pain and suffering is the crux of every accident claim. You need your injuries, examined, documented, and treated for future reference.

Demand Letter

3. Demand Letter

The at-fault driver's insurance company needs a Demand Letter sent to them so they know the compensation you deserve.

Negotiate & Settle

4. Negotiate & Settle

Work with the adjustors to arrive at a settlement that takes care of your monetary needs plus any additional pain and suffering.

Every accident is unique, and your accident is no different. What doesn't change, though, is the process you need to follow to make sure you get the most of our your case and make sure your needs are met. We want to help you understand, forwards and backwards, every step you can take to maximize your claim and make it harder for insurance companies to wiggle out of paying you the compensation you deserve. Keep learning about Texas Car Accidents and to get help on understanding your claims process.

We're A Team Of Experts Simplifying the Process for You.


Do you or did you experience any physical pain in any way from this accident?

Did the other driver admit fault or were they placed at fault by law enforcement or insurance company?

Does the at-fault driver in the accident have auto insurance?

What type of accident were you involved in?

What is your contact info & the date of the accident?

Thank you for complete the question. We will contact you soon.

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